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Starting A Partner Garden

  • How much will it cost?
    As we grow, receive grants and donations, the cost to lauch a garden can be greatly reduced or in some cases at no cost to the host. The build cost of a market garden can vary greatly depending upone the size, design, and location. For the typical size gardens it can cost as low as $2000 up to $10,000 in materials.
  • What type of gradens do you design?
    We design the garden that will optimize and best fit your space. We gernerally stick to three designs, raised beds, in-ground beds that are 30in wide by 50ft in lenght (if possible), and double-poly greenhouses. In the greenhouses we can put in beds or make it hydroponic (a method of growing that required no soil). For Urban clients we can design and build rooftop greenhouses.
  • Who manages the garden?
    GGF's team will manage the garden and all the tasks to keep the garden running smoothly and effeciently. We look to our partners for any volunteers that are willing to help and if needed, can be trained by our staff. Our goal is to allow our partners to host gardens without any additional work upon organization.
  • Where does the food go?
    Our mission is to create a new type of food system that not only porvides the community with food but gives to those in need. A portion of our food production is donated to our partner food pantries such as Lunch Break. The other portion is sold to the local community and restaurants in the immediate area. The sale of the food can be through a CSA, farmer markets, or online ordering through our website.
  • How much will it cost to keep the garden going?
    Once the garden is built, our partners should never have to put money into the garden again. Rather, our gardens can become an additional funding stream. To keep the garden finacially sustainable the sale of our produce will go towards all the operating costs. (seeds, water, compost, etc.) The net revenue is then split between GGF and our partner.
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