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About Spruce Grove AB

Spruce Grove is a small city in Alberta, located in Parkland County, just West of Edmonton. Spruce Grove was originally settled in 1891 by French and Scottish pioneers. The name of the city comes from the many trees on the landscape that surround the area. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway ran through Spruce Grove and was responsible for the early growth of the town.

Today, Spruce Grove is a well established town with a population of 35,766- according to the 2018 census data. The town is known for being home to top athetes such as Jennifer Heil, an olympic gold medalist and Carla MacLeod, a member of the 2010 Canadian National Ice Hockey Team.

Spruce Grove is a vibrant, family friendly community that is a popular choice for those looking to move to a wonderful place with many opportunities. The city offers excellent schools, medical care, leisure centers, housing and more. They have a diverse variety of businesses with the many shops, restaurants and industrial services available.

Yogarise is proud to be a part of this dynamic community and welcomes all residents of Spruce Grove and Parkland County to join us on the mat.